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Humans are imperfect and our imperfections can be hard to live with. However, the ability to accept ourselves and make change where needed allows us to feel strong, connected, and regulated. As a result of stress and the lack of learning how to cope with the difficulties of life, it is only natural to struggle.  When we allow information into our awareness, we have the power to choose and make change. Once we can let go of negative core beliefs, regulate our bodies, and adopt a more compassionate understanding of self; we become more confident and grateful for our life in the present.

My integrated approach allows me to uniquely tailor our work together.  The foundation of my practice is assisting clients to obtain a relaxed body and full acceptance of who we are.  When our bodies are in a parasympathetic dominate state the mind is fully functioning and ready to take on any therapeutic goal the client may have.

I have been working as a therapist for over 15 years.  I have a transparent and validating approach that allows me to be direct and challenging when the timing is appropriate.


I have had the pleasure of providing supervision to multiple limited licensed individuals. I have also worked as an Adjunct Professor at Roosevelt University, supervising Practicum and Internship classes.  My style is strength based, direct, and empowering.  Please contact me if you are seeking supervision from a licensed clinical counselor. 

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